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Lubrication pouring

[ Dosaggio lubrificanti ]


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SP 10 SYSTEM device
Pneumatic device, totally automatic for plunger lubrication in die casting machines.

During its life EUROMETALLI has always offered some devices that could get every working step easier and with a better quality grade than in the past.
By these principles, EUROMETALLI offers SP 10 SYSTEM device that helps the plunger lubrication by waxes.

NEW plunger lubrication device
WORKING by air pressure and without external power supply
CONTAINER of waxes is clear
POURING of waxes precise and repeatable
SP 10 device does not need service.

Technical features:
Power supply: 24/110 V
Air pressure: 2.5 – 8 bar
Dimensions: 450 x 350 x 200 mm.


SP 10 SYSTEM device is designed for respecting the environment.

SP 10 SYSTEM device increase:
precision on waxes application for die casting machines
the cleaning of working environment

SP 10 device reduces:
Working costs
Service costs

SP 10 SYSTEM device is designed for die casting foundries and their conditions: the firmness and repetitiveness of SP 10 SYSEM pouring is assured by the good quality materials it is made by.

Plunger lubrication